About Us

e-cloth products enable a chemical-free cleaning process that only uses water.  Using microfiber technology, proprietary equipment and manufacturing techniques e-cloth produces superior performing products to meet specific cleaning challenges.

Since its founding in 1995, e-cloth has rapidly grown into Europe's No. 1 chemical-free cleaning company.  e-cloth products began being sold in the United States in 2008. 

Our aim is to supply the most effective, healthiest and most environmentally friendly cleaning products available at a good value to the consumer.

Our single minded focus on high performance cleaning has created a range of products that clean entirely without chemicals, using just water.  The selection includes Single Cloth Packs, Two Cloth Packs, and Multi Cloth Value Packs for general cleaning, for cleaning in specific rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, and for specific tasks such as cleaning stainless steel, stovetops, and windows.

In additional to exceptional cleaning, e-cloth products provide significant cost and time savings and real health and environmental benefits versus ordinary cleaning.

We are aware of NON-AUTHORIZED parties selling COUNTERFEIT e-cloth products on Amazon and eBay. We are alerting our valued customers, retailers and distributors that we are aware of this issue and actively working to resolve it.Please note that e-cloth will NOT honor our Money Back Guarantee for any products sold on Amazon or eBay by Non-Authorized Retailers. The ONLY authorized seller who is selling authentic e-cloth items is: Amazon as we cannot verify any other MarketPlace sellers. We recommend that you use caution in buying products from Non-Authorized resellers as some of these products may not perform to the standards that e-cloth holds itself to.