Wash & Wipe Dish Cloths 2pk

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Amazing Cleaning for Dishes and Everyday Glasses

  • Includes two (2) 12.5" x 12.5" Wash & Wipe Dish Cloths
  • Highly absorbent cloths great for wiping down kitchen surfaces
  • Excellent for washing dishes, flatware and glasses
  • Proven to remove over 99% of bacteria using just water / can be used with dishwashing liquid as well
  • Bleachable in a 5% diluted solution of bleach

Where to Use:  All glassware and dishes, kitchen counters and appliances

80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide

Made in Indonesia

Reviewed by CAROL WEISS, 09/14/2018

These cloths are really great. They wipe up my granite counters beautifully as well as my glass top stove top with no streaks. They do stain and I can't get them out, even with bleach. I'm going to order some fresh ones and use the older ones to wipe up spills and soiled things.

Reviewed by Judy, 01/15/2018

Finally, the solution to the stinky dish cloth! These are amazing. I follow the care instructions and rinse under hot water after using. They dry quickly and never get that stink other dish cloths get. To prevent staining, I don’t wipe up food with them. I try to wipe up spills with another rag and them wash my dishes and counters with this cloth. If I get any staining I sometimes lay the cloth out flat and spray any spots with a diluted bleach mixture, leave it on for a bit, then rinse well. Either that or soak in Oxyclean before washing.

Reviewed by Rochelle, 02/28/2017

Amazing and can't say enough about this cloth. They do stain since they are white but to me that means you are getting alot of filth cleaned up. Also I have kept the same cloth on my faucet to dry and it literally has no dishrag smell! I can't believe it! I just ordered more but have used this cloth to clean my stainless steel and it shines like no other. Will see how the new stainless steel cloth compares to this since it is actually made for it.

Reviewed by Kacy, 07/31/2016

I have these and they have stained something terrible. I don't use them in the kitchen anymore!!

Reviewed by Janet, 03/28/2016

With just regular use, my drinking glasses, which I always hand wash, look better than ever.

How to Use

Use as you would a normal dish cloth either with or without a small amount of dish detergent. Cloths will remove over 99% of bacteria and should be rinsed regularly to release trapped materials from the fibers.

These cloths may also be boiled in water and baking soda for 10-15 minutes to clear fibers.