The Last Car Cleaning Kit You’ll Ever Need

April 07, 2016

It’s Spring! The snow is melting, the weather is getting warmer, and everything is starting to bloom. This also means that it’s time for Spring Cleaning and your car should not be the exception. e-cloth’s Car Cleaning Kit has everything you need to get your car looking like new again. This kit is also great …

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The Versatility of e-cloth’s Car Interior Protector

April 01, 2016

Hi everyone. My name is Laura and I am in the marketing department here at e-cloth. I wanted to introduce myself because sometimes you’ll see “I” and “me” on our blog — that’s me! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing our blog with you. — One of the things that makes e-cloth exceptional — …

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The New Glove Leaves Others in the Dust

March 25, 2016

e-cloth prides itself equally on being both the best way to clean and the safest way to clean. What would be the point of being chemical-free if the performance suffered? e-cloth’s new High Performance Dusting & Cleaning Glove easily removes dust, pollen, dirt, grease and oil from hard surfaces, especially on difficult areas like blinds. Particles are trapped …

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Welcome to the Chemical-free Zone

March 17, 2016

Welcome friends! There’s no doubt that if you’re here, you are in pursuit of something better for you and your family. A safe and healthy alternative. It’s a principle we here at e-cloth stand for firmly. Most people do not realize the full danger of household chemicals and how little regulation there is on these …

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Coming Soon!

March 02, 2016

Thank you for stopping by. This blog is a brand new feature on our updated website. It’s still Coming Soon – you should see updates starting in the next few weeks.We’re excited to share this blog with you so please check back soon. – the e-cloth Team

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