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Ultimate Dusting Bundle - Remove Lint, Allergens, Dust - 6 PCS


Expected back in stock: February 20, 2019
    • Bundle containing: 2 in 1 Extendable Duster, Flexi-edge Floor & Wall Duster, High Performance Dusting Glove, High Performance Dusting Cloth, Cleaning & Dusting Wand, Dusting Cloths, 2 ct

      • Cleans using just water, no chemicals - the power is in the fibers
      • E-Cloth's special fibers lift and hold grease and dirt deep in the cloth
      • Removes over 99% of bacteria. 3 Year guarantee
      • The dusting cloth's natural positive charge attracts dust, fluff and pollen. 
      • The extra long fibers reach into nooks and crevices that others do not reach


    • Item Number: 10701
      Color(s): Blue & Silver, White, Yellow, Blue
      Material(s): Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster: Aluminum; Flexi Duster Head: 100% polyester; 2-in-1 Extendable Duster: Aluminum; 2-in-1 Duster Head: 100% ployester; High Performance Dusting Glove: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide; High Performance Dusting & Cleaning Cloth: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide; Cleaning & Dusting Wand: Stainless & foam stick; Dusting Cloth:100% polyester
      Dimensions: Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster: extends 34in to 61in; 2 in 1 Extendable Duster: extends 46.5in to 68in; High Performance Dusting Glove: 8in x 10in; High Performance Dusting & Cleaning Cloth: 12.5in x 12.5in; Cleaning & Dusting Wand: Sleeve 23.5in x 3.25in; Dusting Cloths - 2:12.5in x 12.5in
      Country of Origin: China, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea
      Number of Items: 7

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