Compare and Save

How does e-cloth compare to Norwex?

There are lots of articles on the internet that give opinions for both sides and all of it is confusing.  The biggest reason for the varying opinions is that the cloths are so similar in performance, that everyone goes off of what they are told more than what they can see for themselves.  The bottomline is that e-cloths and Norwex cloths are very similar.  They are both high quality microfiber products that clean with just water. Norwex makes a great product and they are doing a wonderful service to the environment by going into people's homes and teaching them about chemical free cleaning.  We applaud their efforts.  

The biggest difference that can be found is price - you can save a lot of money by buying an e-cloth.


How much can you save?

e-cloth sells directly to consumers (through this website), to other web-based retailers (like Amazon) and to stores nationwide.  Norwex sells directly to consumers through a home-party based business.  Because Norwex pays the hostess, the consultant, who knows how many regional consultants, plus make a profit themselves the prices of Norwex products has to allow for all of that. 

e-cloth sells direct and the money stays in your pocket instead of all of the rest of those other pockets.

Here are a couple of examples


Risk Free Trial - Guaranteed Results - Free Shipping

e-cloth stands behind the products we sell.  The 100% satisfaction guarantee says that if you are disappointed with one of our products, we'll replace it or refund your money - your choice.  The 300 Wash Guarantee means that if you wash your cloth once a week with your regular wash (no fabric softener - no bleach), it will provide you with over 6 years of unparalleled cleaning.

Give e-cloth a try - see for yourself and save money