Kitchen Towel - Classic Check Red

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The Ultimate Kitchen Towel Absorbs and Dries Four Times Faster than Cotton

Includes one 16" x 23" Kitchen Towel

Combines the softness of cotton with the cleaning and polishing power of microfiber to produce a perfect, spotless clean

There is no need to wipe surfaces repeatedly. These ultimate kitchen towels dry in one swipe and leave everything sparkling, streak and grease free.

The super absorbent fibers leave glasses, dishes, and pots and pans dry and streak-free in seconds. Because of the fiber content and technology used in the cloth it absorbs four times the amount of moisture as plain cotton and absorbs it twice as fast.

Contains 40% Cotton / 50% Polyester / 10% Polyamide

Made in South Korea

Reviewed by , 07/01/2018

It’s about time that someone made a towel that can absorb all the water on the first dry and leave them streak/grease free!

Reviewed by , 07/01/2018

So good! I recently hosted a party and normally while prepping I would go through a few towels as I was washing dishes or drying the counters off between dish prep. This ONE towel held up throughout the entire process. It dries so quickly that I wasn't having to replace it every few minutes. Love!

Reviewed by Rebecca Ketchum, 03/04/2018

These dish towels are the best I’ve ever used. Finally found a towel that will hold up to drying a lot of dishes without becoming soaked.

Reviewed by Lee Burch, 02/20/2018

When these weren't available on this site, I ordered them twice from the e-cloth site in England, paying a significant shipping price. That's how much I love these towels. I'm thrilled that they are available here now.

Reviewed by Beth, 04/29/2013

Thanks for this awesome towel! It dries the dishes quickly, and it leave a shine on our glass lids and stainless steel handles. I'm ordering them in all three colors.