Everything you need to know before you apply.

What is the E-Cloth Affiliate Program?


The E-Cloth Affiliate Program is a marketing program that allows content creators to earn money by referring sales to via a personal web link.  Being a part of the program is free and you can apply here.


Am I eligible for the E-Cloth Affiliate Program?


We evaluate every application that is submitted to the program.  Prior to applying to the E-Cloth Affiliate Program, please consider the following criteria we use to evaluate applications:

  • Affiliates must have and maintain a dedicated content platform (i.e. blog, vlog, or social media presence) for a minimum of 3 months.

  • We look for affiliates that create niche content that matches our core values and/or have a similar audience match to our target markets. We'd love to hear how your content aligns with our products and brand, so consider including this in the comments of your application.

  • Affiliates must be based in the United States or Canada and have an audience in those geographical area.

I don't have a website. Can I still join?


Having your own website on a personalized domain will increase your chance to be accepted to the program. If you don't have your own website, but feel you are a great match for E-Cloth, consider explaining how you will drive traffic and how your content aligns with our brand in your application. Please note, we do not accept affiliates who refer traffic from e-mails or PPC ads. 


What are the benefits?


Being an affiliate of E-Cloth comes with a variety of benefits specifically curated for the emerging content creator, micro-influencer, or established thought leader. We're able to provide highly valuable benefits because we partner with affiliates who are truly invested in E-Cloth. 


E-Cloth products provide a sustainable, chemical-free solution for healthy cleaning. The majority of customers who learn about our products give them rave reviews, and those who aren't 100% satisfied are backed by a money back guarantee. All this means that you can feel proud and confident recommending E-Cloth to your audience. They already love your content, and providing trustworthy product recommendations will increase your engagement with your readers and followers. 

Earning Potential

When you refer visitors that convert to a sale on, you'll earn a minimum of 12% commission. As you hit certain sales tiers throughout the month, your percentage will increase allowing you to earn up to 20% commission. Our average order value of approximately $43 and cookie duration of 30 days gives you a higher opportunity to earn per sale and beyond the first-click. Free shipping sitewide motivates your referred traffic to buy, at no discount to your commission. During designated promotions, we'll contact you with higher commission opportunities.


As a creator, we're confident in your ability to curate content that your audience enjoys. To help represent E-Cloth, we'll provide web-ready imagery to ensure you have the tools and up-to-date content to share our brand and products with your audience.

Affiliate Platform

E-Cloth utilizes the Affiliatly network. Investing in this platform gives you the confidence that your referred traffic will be tracked accurately, plus you'll have access to a dashboard for reporting, a portal to generate links and retrieve imagery, plus the ability to track your monthly progress to reach the next commission tier.


What is a referral cookie?


A referral cookie refers to a tracking tag that is placed on the end user's browser when they visit a website. When you refer traffic to, your cookie is dropped on our site and that user is attributed to you. Our cookie duration is 30 days. If a customer has clicked on your personalized link and places an order within 30 days, you will receive a commission for that order.

What is Affiliatly?


E-Cloth administers our program utilizing Affiliatly, a tracking affiliate application that connects brands and publishers. Affiliatly is used for tracking referred traffic and applying commission to your affiliate account. The platform also provides a self-service dashboard to make communication and facilitation of the program easy and streamlined. During your membership in the E-Cloth Affiliate Program, you will login to the Affiliatly platform, and you may see domains or emails with in the name. 

How do I apply?


You can start the application process here. Please fill out all fields in their entirety to increase your chances of being accepted to the program. Please make sure to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

My application was accepted. Now what?


Once your application has been accepted, you can start referring traffic and earning commission from sales immediately. Login to the Affiliatly platform and retrieve your link and graphics to use with your content. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at 

How do I get paid?


During the approval process, we'll ask you to fill out a W-9 form so we can pay you as an official vendor. After earning at least $25 worth of commission, we will deposit funds in your PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can sign up for one herePayments occur during the second week of the month for commission earned in the previous month. 

My application was denied. Now what?


Unfortunately, not all applications are accepted for a variety of reasons and we cannot respond to each individual inquiry. We encourage you to review the criteria and to reapply at a later time.

Why was my E-Cloth Affiliate membership terminated?


E-Cloth reserves the right to terminate membership in our affiliate program without cause at any time. Some of the reasons that your account may be terminated are: long periods of inactivity; non-response to emails or phone calls signaling disinterest in the program; suspicion of cookie stuffing or other unscrupulous internet activity; content on your platforms that doesn't align with our brand's ethical standards. In most circumstances, we'll attempt to contact you and work out the situation prior to termination, but this is not always possible.

Similarly, once accepted to the program you have no obligation of performance or membership. You may exit the program for any reason you see fit at any time.