When you have the right partner, the rest is easy.

Fostering A Community Committed to Clean

For 20 years, E-Cloth has been shared from one well-intentioned friend to another.  "Oh you've gotta try this," is the catalyst that spread our product to 4 continents, 12 countries, and millions of chemical-free loyalists.  With the foundation of a strong product and very good friends, we're accomplishing our mission of putting one E-Cloth product in every household.  As we enter our 21st year, we're more committed than ever to putting the power of our partnerships at the forefront of our business. 

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Once someone uses an E-Cloth product for the first time, chances are they become a fan for life. For new users who haven't heard of our brand or who need more education about chemical-free cleaning (yes, it actually does work better!), we leverage relationships with subscription boxes or 


E-Cloth affiliate members are bloggers, vloggers,  content creators, and social enthusiasts. They make content about healthy living, cleaning hacks, and money saving tips. They're motivated and content creation is one of many passions.E-Cloth provides affiliates with tools you need to be successful, to maintain fresh content about E-Cloth products, and a platform to earn money and track success.  A partnership needs to be mutually beneficial to be successful, and we believe we've designed a program that brings value to your personal brand and our shared audience.


The Clean Team is the E-Cloth brand ambassador program that works directly with content creators and publishers who yield a higher level of influence and earning potential. Ambassadors are hand-selected for their content that reflects the core tenants of E-Cloth and a proven track record of referring their audience, readership or viewership to The Clean Team's roster represents the users of E-Cloth - global, diverse, interesting, and interactive. If you're looking for creative ways to collaborate with our brand, you found the place to do it. 


E-Cloth's core tenants of better performance cleaning, eco-friendly practices, and healthier lifestyle positions us to recommend like-minded organizations who share the same values. Some of these products work well alongside an E-Cloth, and some are just great companies to know about. We