Deep Clean Mop Head - Variety Bundle - 2 Mop Heads & 2 Duster Heads

  • Bundle includes two (2) damp mop heads and two (2) dust mop heads for the Deep Clean Mop.


  • Item Number: 12640B4
    Color(s): Blue and White
    Material(s): Damp Mop Head: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide; Duster Head: 100% polyester
    Dimensions: Damp Mop Head: 5.25in x 18in; Dust Mop Head: 5.25in x 18in
    Country of Origin: China, Taiwan
    Number of Items: 4

  • How to Use

    Place the Mop Head Velcro side up on the floor and attach the mop base to the centre of the head.

    (Damp Mop Head: Wet the Mop Head thoroughly and wring out. Clean with the Head damp, with just water. During use, remove, rinse and re-attach the head as required.)

    To extend the telescopic handle to a comfortable height, hold the bottom of the handle near the base and twist the top handle section.

    TIP: Mop in an 'S' shape, maintaining the leading edge to prevent dirt being left behind.


    Care Instructions

    A warm rinse is often enough in day to day use. Machine wash regularly at medium temperature, using a little detergent and rinse well.If too much detergent is used, cleaning performance may be reduced, in which case, hot wash without any detergent.
    • Tumble or hang dry.
    • DO NOT use bleach, which damages the fibers or fabric conditioner, which inhibits performance.
    If used by mistake, rewash with a little detergent. Note: Color may run. Wash new cloths separately.


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Type: Sets

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