Water Atomizer

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Water is the key to proper cleaning with an e-cloth. We sell this water atomizer because we found that it delivers the perfect fine mist to provide the best possible clean with our full range of cloths from the General Purpose Cloth to the Deep Clean Mop

  • 10-ounce water atomizer
  • Very fine mister for use with e-cloths
  • Ergonomic trigger design

Where to Use:  Use with your E-cloth® cleaning cloths wherever you take them.  The true chemical free cleaning reduces the use of paper towels and chemical cleaners creating a healthier home environment.

Made in China

Reviewed by , 07/01/2018

All spray bottles are not created equal! This one is just the right size, sturdy, and delivers the right amount of water for all of your e-cloth products.

Reviewed by MomInTheCity, 10/18/2016

Although this does put out a nice fine mist that works well with the e-cloth system and feels like it is sturdy and won't break as easily as a dollar bin sprayer, I think you could do just as well getting a different sprayer anywhere or reusing one that you have at home as long as it never had any chemicals in it.

Reviewed by M, 09/26/2016

The mist leaves my mirrors squeaky clean!! And I love how the bottle is compact and easy to tote around while cleaning the house.

Reviewed by Jocelyn C., 09/26/2016

This is the perfect sidekick to use with all of the e-cloths. It provides the perfect fine mist. Definitely a must-have companion for your cleaning regimen.

Reviewed by Jen, 09/19/2016

Love the fine mist of this spray bottle!! Just the perfect amount of water.

Reviewed by UAJessie, 09/13/2016

My kiddos call this the "Magic Sprayer" and it truly is! Not only does it have a super fine mist, but it gets my kiddos to help around the house without complaining. Now THAT is magic!!! Love this bottle!

Reviewed by Emily, 09/06/2016

Armed with this bottle and an e-cloth, my little guy is ready to do his "chores." I don't worry about the chemicals because he's only spraying water. 

Reviewed by karen, 09/02/2016

love the fine mist that this atomizer offers. color is great and the bottle size

Reviewed by Shelly, 08/29/2016

So you may be wondering why you need this, why not just use a regular ole spray bottle...I thought that too...but trust me, there is a BIG difference between this spray bottle and the ones you find at the dollar store. Not only does it just look way more appealing but it seems to have a fine mist that just works perfect for the cloths. And I love the vibrant blue color and the size.

Reviewed by Living a Fit and Full Life, 08/19/2016

e-cloth's Water Atomizer seems like a regular old spray bottle but it is not! The mist is extremely fine which helps to prevent streaks and also enables you to clean with ease. e-cloth's Water Atomizer is perfect for use with e-cloth's cleaning cloths and products since they clean with just water. Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

How to Use

Fill with water.  Squeeze ergonomic trigger to dispense fine mist perfect for use with e-cloth.

If mist does not come out when trigger is squeezed, check to ensure intake tube is snuggly attached to the sprayer.

Caring for your Water Atomizer

Empty the water atomizer after each use to ensure the water stays fresh and bacteria free.  From time to time rinse with hot water, air dry.

Empty the Water Atomizer after each use to ensure that the water stays fresh and bacteria free